About the Cheatsearch cheat search engine.

Just cheats. Cheat codes for your favorite games.

This project began from an idea to create a safe search for gamers to search for "cheats" for popular games and not be tricked into clicking on unethical sites promoting illegal activities, installing spyware and/or malware or otherwise tricking young people into compromising their systems. Using this cheat search engine, you should be able to find just about any cheat there is.

We give no warranty, but have done our utmost to ensure that the sites this search engine returns are of the highest standards and do not violate any laws.

What is a cheat?

For those of you who do not quite know what a 'cheat' is, they are simply codes that game software manufacturers hide in the software code of popular games that enable the playes to 'cheat'. This is a way for people to learn the games more quickly as they can 'cheat' with invincibility and other such advantages. Later, when the player of the game is more advanced, they will turn off the cheat and play with normal settings.

Cheats are very popular and are not publicized, but are spread by word of mouth. Software manufacturers like it this way because the cheats help make their games popular. Cheats are not illegal and cannot be used to 'unlock' any kind of anti-piracy protection. This site does not condone piracy nor link to any sites offering serial numbers or stolen software.

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